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Coronavirus Update - Wednesday 18th March

18 Mar 2020

ECB Update – All Recreational Cricket Suspended


Following the Government’s latest advice around social distancing, it is with sadness and reluctance that we recommend that all forms of recreational cricket are for now suspended.


This extends to training, pre-season friendlies and any associated cricket activity.


Sport plays an absolutely vital role in the nation’s mental and physical wellbeing, and it helps people find meaning where there is fear and uncertainty, so one of our goals in the coming weeks will be to explore ways that we can support some levels of physical activity in communities - particularly at junior levels.


Using our cricket community to support others could be one of the most important services we can offer during the difficult next few months.


It will be critical that any decisions we do make are medically-led. And we will continue to work with Government and their advisors to ensure we are informed by science in our decision making.


Over the coming weeks we will work with the game to understand what support is required across the cricket community, particularly local clubs and leagues.


We understand that countless hours of work from thousands of volunteers have already gone into getting ready for the 2020 season and we know how disappointing this will be. We are thankful for the huge role that volunteers play in local cricket, to ensure the game remains at the heart of communities.


We know that you and your clubs can play an important role in bringing your community together once we get past this period of time.


The full ECB Statement can be found here https://ecb-comms.co.uk/1FT6-6SKA2-937G62D915/cr.aspx


This is of course very disappointing and upsetting news – please do continue to cover the points that I made yesterday (repeated below) there is an update on overseas players.


Invoices – we will not be sending invoices out to clubs from the league until we know the full situation. If you have other suppliers who have invoiced you for suppliers, kit etc it may be a good idea to contact them about the situation.


Councils and Landlords – Contact them and explain situation and discuss financial obligations.


Groundsmen and women – Keep them abreast of the situation as much as you can.


Indoor nets – These should now be suspended by all clubs


Overseas players – 


The Government advises UK citizens against non-essential travel anywhere in the world until further notice. For any club with questions or concerns about currently contracted Overseas Players they should speak to the Agent, their legal representative and their committee before deciding on the next course of action.


For any individual queries please email managedmigration@ecb.co.uk


As a league we will continue to update you when we know more.


If you have any further questions please get in contact with me on 07763607076 or tpc1981@hotmail.com


Thomas Clarke


Essex League Chairman