Loughton Cricket Club

Safe Hands A Guide to Parents

Loughton Cricket CLub Safe Hands Guide for Parents


Please ensure you read a copy of the ECB Safe Hands Guidance for parents leaflet.


Loughton Cricket Club has adopted the ECB Child Protection Policy


Cliff Greenhill is a fully trained Club Welfare Officer
Ben Jacobs is a fully trained Club Welfare Officer


All coaches, umpires and junior team managers are DBS checked.


Loughton Cricket Club works to the ECB Code of Conduct


Introduction to Safe Hands:

The England & Wales Cricket Board (ECB) is committed to ensuring that cricket provides a safe, friendly and enjoyable experience for all children.

The ECB takes its responsibility for protecting the welfare and safety of children extremely seriously and wants to encourage all children to have a safe, positive and fun experience in cricket, whatever their level of involvement.

Cricket contributes to a healthy lifestyle as well as offering children many opportunities for positive growth, empowerment, achievement, fun and friendship. For some exceptional young players there will be a chance to play at a county or national level. Whatever their ability, the ECB is dedicated to giving all children the opportunity to enjoy playing cricket in a secure and protected environment.


Parental Guidance:

Parents have a responsibility to ensure that their child is safeguarded while taking part in cricketing activities. To achieve this the ECB have drawn up the following guidelines for parents:

  • While all clubs will take all reasonable precautions to prevent injury to junior cricketers, it is essential that a responsible adult known to the child is present wherever possible.
  • Ensure that your child has suitable refreshments during training and matches.
  • Ensure that suntan lotion and/or headwear is worn in hot weather
  • Ensure that suitable clothing is worn in bad weather
  • Ensure that all clothing belonging to your child is marked with their name.
  • Be punctual when bring children to training sessions and/or matches.
  • Ensure that if your child cannot join in planned cricket activities, the age group manager is notified.
  • Support your child’s team without interference, hostility or bias.
  • Support officials and discourage unfair play.
  • Ensure that all players under the age of 18 wear protective helmets with faceguards when batting and wicket keeping.
  • Never force your child to take part in an activity if they don’t want to.
  • Never punish or demean your child for losing or making mistakes.
  • Set an example and use appropriate language at all times.


Club Guidance:

It is important that all cricket clubs establish a welcoming and safe environment for young cricketers to enable them to improve their skills, to enjoy playing the game and to become a responsible member of the club. Therefore the ECB encourages children to:


  • Ensure that they play to support the team and not themselves
  • Support other players and keep encouragement within the sphere of good conduct and team fellowship
  • Be good winners and generous losers – modest in victory and giving in defeat
  • Accept all decisions in good spirit
  • Be considerate and always ready to help others to improve
  • Congratulate good play on both sides when watching
  • Never question or dispute the decision of an official


The consumption of alcohol is not permitted by persons under 18.


Children are encouraged to talk to their parents about their experience of cricket and their club, and to know they can speak up if they are not happy about anything. Any concerns regarding the operation of the club or the behaviour of an individual must be reported to the Child Welfare Officer immediately. For Loughton this is Cliff Greenhill or Ben Jacobs.


All Counties have a County Welfare Officer to further assist this process.


Further information is available at www.ecb.co.uk/safehands